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ENKOLIT is used for bonding and sealing metal profiles and sheets (e. g. titanium zinc, copper, aluminium and stainless steel) to other building materials. The strengths achieved comply with DIN 1055. Neutral certificates for tests conducted on wall copings installed 30 years ago are available.

ENKOLIT is a permanently plastic adhesive and sealing compound for straightforward bonding of window sill and wall copings. It is also suitable for fixing verges and eaves, flashings and metal claddings.


ENKOLIT is applied generously over the entire surface and therefore no cavities can occur. This prevents drumming noises caused by rainfall (sound insulation) and makes it impossible for insects to build their nests. At the same time ENKOLIT prevents corrosion damage caused by moisture forming on the underside of the metal sheets. Even when freshly applied it does not run on vertical surfaces, provided that the application instructions are followed. Laboratory tests have shown that ENKOLIT is stable at temperatures up to +110 °C.

ENKOLIT is resistant to industrial gases, saltwater and seawater, red algae and plant roots as well as being fungicidal.

This is a firm favourite amongst Two Oceans Metal’s clientele!