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RHEINZINK® the international market leader of architectural titanium zinc products have completed a number of projects in South Africa and now have TWO OCEANS METALS as their national distributors, stocking their high quality titanium zinc products, for roofing, wall cladding and roof drainage.




RHEINZINK® is the trademark for the titanium-zinc, specifically developed for the building industry. Durability, longevity and an elegant, aesthetically pleasing appearance are qualities that make RHEINZINK® an ideal, maintenance-free building material.

RHEINZINK® is available in prePATINA bright-rolled, prePATINA blue-grey, and prePATINA graphite-grey. Due to the wide range of possible variations in its detailing, RHEINZINK® complements traditional architecture with the same degree of self-assurance for modern designs. Convex and concave curves, conical assemblies and other applications can also be formed without difficulty.

The only limitation is your imagination. If you are thinking of the future you are thinking of RHEINZINK®!

All products are 100% titanium-zinc, and are neither coated nor painted. The natural weathering process creates a pleasant blue-grey/graphite-grey patina, which protects the material from atmospheric corrosion. Therefore you can use RHEINZINK® in any environment, including coastal regions and it preserves its outstanding properties for many generations. And more than that, RHEINZINK® is an environmentally friendly product, 100% recyclable and carries top European quality and environment certificates.